Thursday, June 21, 2007


Dear sir,
grow younger ,live longer-this is my slogan.human ageing is reversable,we have been living inside a prison that has no visible walls.the confiness of your self derive entirely from the hearts and condiotioning of minds.scientists have described three different ways to characterize human ageing :
1)chronological age
2)biological age which means how well your physiological systems are working
3)psychological age ie how well old you feel
you can reverse biological age by changing your personal visions,but unfortunately the global chages,pollution hazards and stress makes us sick and causes different symptoms pertaining to all systems eg: sinusitis,dermatitis,alopesia(hair loss),diabetes,heart disease,hyperlipedimea,gall stones,kidney stones,and other psychiatric disorders.

prolonged stress can make you sick and lethargic

how to combat?this situation?

going for prolonged tests and hospitalization..where we have to spend thousands and lackhs which ultimately makes us bankrupt

the answer is.....................

there is one citadel with authentic approach ie positive homeopathy medical point with superspeciality features with dedication and a motto to eradicate diseases from root levels and treat all ailments which is a true fact.

a single pill can make be the pillar of a persons plight into the platter of life with a pile of peakness.

positive homeopathy started a unique health cards for every individual with a period of 5 yrs giving medication ,diagnosis and treatment to all ailments ,with a price ranging frm 20000-35000

a difference you can visualize by becoming unhealthy to healthy by joining our community
our axiom is to reach the epitome of all organizations with a surge to excell with an all round persona grata of a well organized community with a group of amigos and reputed doctors who are starlwarts of our institute.they hail from an aplomb educational culture with a penchant for improvising along with cadre of research orientation and reviving and revamping new techniques.

positive homeopathy has better hands for better health.they crave for peoples healthand peoples well being.they are the unfabled anfd genuine organization witha seize to revel.they are the fourth sign of restoring heath and life.we are not insisting to promote any day as graded daybut eventually every day is a gods gift,because he is the ultimate doctor.

with warm regards,
yours sincerely,